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5 Reasons Why You Need to Avoid Dairy

Your body is the only place you have to live in, that’s why it is seriouslyimportant to eat  healthily and intelligently in order to nourish the body, maintain its health, and obviously promote its metabolism. However, if I asked you now to stop taking dairy products, you’d certainly think I’m super crazy and I speak  fully non-sense because dairy products are for so many of you nature’s best food and the only great source of calcium, therefore, strong bones and healthy body! Now think about negative! In this article we will talk about the disadvantages of dairy products. HealthnCures is providing  free health tips in a regular basis so please stay with us and read this article!

Guess what ? you are wrong ! the decision to go dairy-free is actually a very smart one. Here are 5 shocking reasons why you should absolutely ditch dairy products away and now before tomorrow!

The reason why people cannot give up on dairy products is that they still blindly believe in the same famous old myth which says that consuming dairy products means stronger bones! But guess what ? you might be doing just the opposite and causing yourself others serious health issues.

Dairy is highly acidic that’s in addition to the fact that it contains very high amounts of calcium which in return acts as an alkaline agent by nature. Milk, for instance, is loaded with natural acids.

The latter can cause the calcium deposits to build up and therefore result in serious health conditions such as arthritis and long-term inflammation. Stronger bones are not necessarily related to milk and dairy products in general.

So, if your objective of consuming dairy is making your bones healthy and strong, you can opt for plant-based foods that can definitely give you much better result because the calcium that these plants contain is well-absorbed by the body than that found in dairy. Plus plant-based foods cause you no chronic inflammation.

A health study carried by the Harvard Nurses followed 75,000 women over a period of 12 years exposed that the high consumption of milk didn’t result in protective effects, in contrary, the increased calcium consumption increased fracture risk amongst those participants!
#2 – AGING
This might be really hard to believe especially if you are one of those who are really proud to have that milk-white mustache on their mouth! Dairy foods can age your brain, skin, and body! Don’t be surprised because it is a fact and absolutely not a joke!

According to a study made in 2012 at Brigham and Women’s Hospital exposes that full-fat-dairy products are rich in saturated fats. The latter study closely looked at the dietary habits of approximately 6,200 women who are above the age of 65 and found that those women who were recorded to have the highest saturated fat intake also scored to be the poorest on cognitive tests.

Therefore, the study came up with the conclusion that the saturated fat in dairy products cause the brain to age more rapidly than any other type of fat!

Therefore, Dairy is definitely a poor choice that you should rethink since it is also found to be the hardest to digest and related to dangerous health issues such as cancer and other diseases. Instead, you can opt for raw or cooked fruits, vegetables, legumes, beans, and healthy fats.

These plant-based protein are very rich in vitamins and minerals and are definitely considered a healthier and smarter option! They extend longevity and promote beautiful skin that ages very slowly.

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Whether you are a man or a woman having a soft, clean, and clear skin is something you all desire! There is definitely no doubt about this. The skin is the larger organ of the body, this means that whatever you allow inside is reflected in the outside.

You can just say that your skin gives you important clues about your overall health. So, that’s why it is important to take good care of your skin so that your skin can keep taking good care of you in return!

Therefore, it is good to know that dairy is not helping you to achieve this, in contrary, by consuming dairy, your skin will break up with acne, annoying redness, splotchy, or just lackluster skin. In fact, many people can notice a great improvement in the quality of their skin after they stop taking dairy for some couple of days!


Did you know that one major reason behind digestive issues is dairy products? Don’t be surprised, dairy is one of the biggest reasons why so many people are actually chronically bloated. Aside from a little lactose, dairy can also be responsible for gut damage due to the way it inflames the gut lining which results later in irritating leaky gut syndrome.

The latter gut inflammation can also lead in the long-term to other health complications and diseases such as autoimmune disease. Of course, no need to mention other digestive disturbances such as bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or even long-term IBS.

In fact, many people who are suffering from any of these symptoms realized that they are healing naturally and that their digestive system is working much better once they avoided taking dairy!


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This is the worst thing dairy products can cause you! Are you really sure you want to deal with this monster? I guess, no one ever wishes that !! Dairy products found to have the potential to cause cancer with its different types, namely prostate, breast, testicular, and also colon cancer.

It is true that food is an essential part of our lives but this doesn’t mean all the foods are to be eaten. Remember that some foods may help you fight and prevent many diseases while others will very simply feed them!

Dairy products are just that kind of foods that feed the disease and slowly destroys your body. In case you cannot do without, you should be aware of how much is too much and how much is okay! Your life and health are your choices!

Note: A plant-based diet, free from all the dairy products, has been found to be one of the best in preventing cancer and other dangerous diseases.

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