10 Breakfast Secrets That Will Help You Lose Weight

You want to lose weight, but everything you do, doesn’t seem to work? Let me guess, you drink coffee every morning, you always wake up late, and you probably eat granola for breakfast.

Change all of that and you will probably lose 10 pounds in one week, and the evidence to that was found by Zero Belly Breakfast, who made a research and found that people lost over 30 pounds when they had high-protein breakfast every morning.

The secret to a healthier life and body depends on the choices you make in breakfast, and according to The National Weight Control Registry, maintaining a healthy breakfast is the main reason to a successful weight loss journey.


In order to never skip breakfast every day, you should prepare it the night before. Your choices then will be healthier and easier than in the morning. Overnight oats are the best option, and heating it up in the morning is up to you.

After all, you will able to enjoy it with the nuts, fruits or fat-busting cinnamon. The oats are filled with fiber, which will help you feel full and prevent you from snacking the whole morning.


Weight loss is green tea’s best friend. Whenever you want to make your waist smaller and your belly healthier, prepare green tea. It will not only help you lose weight from around your waist, but it will also boost your metabolism, which means more calories will be burned.

If you drink 4 to 5 cups of tea daily and added 25 minutes of sweat session to it, you will absolutely lose way more pounds than you ever expected. Meanwhile, coffee does the opposite; it doubles the belly fat.


Being an early bird may not be an easy thing to do considering how tiring your days and nights go, but for the sake of losing weight, it is worth it.

According to a study by Northwestern Medicine, the late sleepers consume over 245 calories per day, don’t eat the needed amount of vegetables and fruits, and they consume way too much fast food.

According to a different study by Roehampton University, morning people are generally skinnier, healthier, and happier than night owls. So don’t forget to set your next alarm 15 minutes earlier for tomorrow.


What if you wake up every day to a text reminding you of your calorie budget? It may sound weird but it is an effective way to help you make healthier eating choices.

So while setting your alarm, make sure to label it with a good old-fashioned name to motivate and remind you to eat only healthy things throughout your day, especially your breakfast.


Right after you get up from your bed, open all the blinds and let the sunshine take over your whole house. Being exposed to the bright light first thing in the morning can lower body mass index (BMI) regardless of how much you will eat.

Keep in mind that only 20 to 30 minutes of morning light is enough, and also, make sure to wear your clothes first.


According to The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, having one glass of water before breakfast increases the rate of burning calories. However, 2 tall glasses of water (17 ounces) will boost your metabolism by 30%. The experts advise making drinking water every morning a habit, even if you are not willing to lose weight.


The best way to lower the percentage of your body fat is by working out as soon as you roll out of bed. You can go to the gym and get on a treadmill for a solid 20 minutes sweating-session in order to have better chances of losing weight.

Since your body is still in a calorie deficit, it will be using the restored fat as a source of energy, thus, more burned calories.


If you eat the same thing every single morning, you may get bored, and eventually, stop eating breakfast. Make it interesting every morning and allow one day to be your cheat day; you can have your “cheat” meal during breakfast.

One day, you have oatmeal with your favorite fruits and nuts. The second day, you can make a burrito with avocado, scrambled eggs, shredded chicken, and tomato. The third day, you can just have cereal, etc!


After a long night of fasting and burning calories, you have to feed your muscles during the most important meal of the day so they won’t experience any breakdown. Eggs and oatmeal are the best sources of protein in the morning, and they both taste delicious with the right supplements, so go crazy and “protein-up” your muscles.


As we mentioned, protein is very important, and so is fiber, healthy fats, and good carbs. Basically, your breakfast has to always stay balanced with all the needed nutrients.

The protein and fats break down slowly, which will keep you fuller for longer, while the carbohydrates are going to energize you and keep you going throughout the whole day. You can find them all in the whole grains and bananas.


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