These Are The Foods That Will Help You Fall Asleep Faster

Sleep is extremely important, especially for young people, yet, no one really takes it seriously. The worst part is even if you go to bed at the right time, your mind ends up thinking about million things and stressing over scenarios that may never happen, which eventually leads to staying awake till 3 AM.

So, instead of seeing the doctor about it and worrying about it, what if you just tried to eat a few different things before bed? Some people try to cut down on caffeine, and others choose alcohol that will definitely make them sleep.

Our stomach, however, has an odd connection with our brain and its ability to sleep. So, let’s fill it up with delicious foods, and then have a smooth sleep, shall we?


So, what about having hummus as a night snack? Yes, please.

If you have difficulty falling asleep, then just head to your kitchen, bring out all the Chickpeas you have, and enjoy them till you snore. These peas have tryptophan, which is the same chemical that turkeys have.

Our bodies convert that chemical into vitamin B, which can help us relax. Also, it creates Serotonin, and it is a hormone that is associated with our melatonin and sleep levels.

#2 – HONEY

Honey© Wallpapers
Scientists recently discovered that honey contains a natural sugar that can raise our insulin levels while allowing tryptophan to enter our brains more easily.

For better results, you can add the honey to warm tea in order to relax your muscles and increase the level of your “sleep” hormone for a more calm night away from any nightmares, or better, stress!


Chamomile Tea©
Speaking of tea, here is the one that can totally help you relax and sleep within minutes. Chamomile tea will increase glycine, which is a chemical that can help you unwind your muscles and nerves, and leading you to sleep. Basically, the Chamomile tea works like a sedative, and if you added honey to it, then the result will be quicker and better.


Cherries© Verywell Fit
Can you imagine this healthy, delicious fruit is able to help you sleep like a baby?
Cherries are people’s favorite fruit due to its great taste and amazing benefits. It is capable to boost the responsible hormone for sleeping, which is melatonin.

But if you need to sleep faster and want an almost-immediate result, then it is best to go for the cherries that are tart. They are the ones that can do the trick.


If you want to know the truthfulness of this one, you can try it yourself after lunch. Eat a banana or two and you will find yourself falling asleep in no time. Scientists did their researches and found out that the reason is the fact that they contain magnesium and potassium.

These two elements are muscle relaxants, also, the banana has L-tryptophan, which is an amino acid that changes to 5-HTP, that also converts to serotonin, the sleep hormone!

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