List Of Things You Need To Stop Doing To Treat Back Pain

Low back pain is not only a common health issue among the elderly people and young people. Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment to cure this issue and what’s even worse is that once you have it, it can be really hard to shake!

Moreover, It can negatively affect your life and interfere with your work life, family, and even your daily recreational activities. However, should you not worry as there are things you can do to treat back pain and manage the symptoms coming from your back!


Yes, you read it right! Slouching and not maintaining a healthy sitting posture is one of the main factors that lead to back pain. In fact, a poor sitting position can lead the strain on the back make too much pressure on the muscles, joints, and discs, which eventually make you experience pain.

However, to reduce and treat the bad low back pain, you should maintain a healthy and correct posture at all times.


Many people think that exercising can make their back pain even worse, but this is not true! In fact, exercising is proved to be an effective way to treat back pain. Regularly exercising can keep your core muscles strong and in good condition.

It also improves circulation and increases its flow to your joints and discs. Above all, exercising can give you a sense of well-being and help you maintain a correct and healthy posture.


Stop wasting your time and energy searching hoping to find a miracle cure that can end your struggle and treat your back pain issue.

What you really need to know is that advertisements that promise you to cure your lower back pain by hanging your feet on an inversion table, spending money on fancy computerized traction devices, or rubbing balms on your back are all turned to be ineffective and not beneficial!


Frequently lifting heavy things is one of the main causes of back pain. In case, your job requires that you lift heavy items, you should speak to your employer and ask if it’s possible to bring any special equipment that can help you ease the load on your back! Otherwise, your back pain will get worse day after day until it becomes unbearable.


This is another common cause of back pain! In fact, frequently and repetitively bending forward can cause an intensive pressure on the discs of your back, which will eventually give you pains and muscle aches.

The best thing to do is try to limit your forward bending as much as possible and make sure you regularly perform low back exercises that focus mainly on backward bending.


This might shock you but more than 85% of low back pain is classified as ‘non-specific’’. This means that the true causes behind your back issue cannot be localized to one particular problem or structure.

However, most of the diagnostic test shows that low back pain can occur due to problems at the level of the bones, discs, discs, and joints. Still, keep in mind that no test can indicate the cause of your back issue 100%.


Listening to those horror stories about back pain will only freak you out and make your pain even worse! Instead, speak to your doctor and let them determine your case.

So, please, stop listening to people’s experiences and keep in mind that in most cases low back pain is short-lived and can be easily and effectively managed with simple exercises and postural correction.


It’s true that passive treatment such as ultrasound, heat, or ice can make you feel good but their effect is temporary. In fact, research shows that regular exercises, especially those that target your lower back and postural correction are more effective and can help you reduce the back pain.

However, we strongly recommend that you see your physical therapist and they will definitely determine which exercises will work best for your case.


No need to tell you how bad is smoking to your health! However, we think it’s extremely important to tell you that according to some recent studies, smoking can increase your risks of developing lower back issues. Hence, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor and ask them to help you come out with a plan to quit smoking.


One of the biggest mistakes that people make is waiting for the pain to disappear instead of treating it. If the pain continues for more than one week, don’t hesitate to see your doctor as soon as possible. Remember that the sooner you treat your back pain, the better are your chances to recover smoothly and quickly.

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