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Weight Loss Tips For Lazybones Person

Weight Loss Tips For Lazybones Person


We all like to stay fit and in good shape. However, we are also conscious of losing weight! It requires a lot of effort, time, patience. In addition to adopting a new and healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced, nutritious diet, regular physical exercise, and above all commitment! let’s talk about lazy weight loss hacks.

However, doing all this is quite torturous for many people, especially, the lazybones! Worry not, you will not spend the rest of your life fat and miserable.

Here are some quick, simple, and effective tips that can help you shed some pounds without much effort!


lazy weight loss hacks

Figure: Drinking enough water

We should not underestimate the power of this liquid of life! Water will not only keep you well hydrated but will also help you lose weight! Oh, yes, you read it right! water can, definitely, help you shed the unwanted pounds easily and without having to make great efforts. The key is drinking it on the right and perfect timing!

For losing weight in a simple way, you should at least drink 1 to 2 glasses of water 30 minutes before each and every meal. This will obviously help your metabolism to have a fresh start and will also help you consume less.

Water will make you feel partly filled which will prevent overeating. That’s not everything, drinking enough water can also lessen your sweet tooth and prevent you from raiding the fridge every now and then.


lazy weight loss hacks

Mindfulness is one of the most effective ways to lose unnecessary weight and stay in good shape and health. It requires no effort at all but your willingness and determination to taste every flavor and appreciate every bite.

To practice mindfulness, you’d better focus on nothing else but your dish. Ignore all the other distractions around you, turn off the television, don’t speak on the phone, and most importantly don’t rush.

Take all the time needed and make your mealtime a sacred ritual where you tend to appreciate the blessing of the food you have. By practicing mindfulness, you will notice that you are eating less and enjoying more about what you eat.


lazy weight loss hacks

Figure: Eat by chopsticks

You can eat in small plates and use chopsticks. This way, you will only eat a small amount of food you have on your plate. At the same time, the chopsticks will help you eat slowly, which will make you feel full quickly.

On the other hand, if chopsticks are a real struggle for you, then, you can stop torturing yourself, my dear. You can opt for other alternatives such as a fashionable spoon or fork.


lazy weight loss hacks

Figure: Enough sleeping will help you to be fit

Lazy persons love these tips very much! In fact, they would like something that requires less effort and movements. Anyways, sleeping enough can at least guarantee that you won’t take a short trip to the kitchen for making an unhealthy snack.

In addition, a night of good night sleep can have a positive influence on your metabolism and will even regulate the hormone levels that can help you stay fit and in shape. Guess what? You can easily burn 50 to 100 calories per hour while you are sleeping, which is really cool!


lazy weight loss hacks

Figure: We should sleep in a comparatively cold temperature

It is not true to freeze yourself to lose weight, but what we are saying is that try to sleep in a bedroom where the temperature is a bit low and not freezing! For example, you can sleep with your window open or very simply turn down your thermostat.

According to a research conducted by the National Institute of Health, “sleeping with a temperature of 19°C can help your body to easily shed more extra pounds by getting rid of calories while trying to burn fat in order to maintain its temperature”.


Figure: Fat burning food

Always be smart and practice moderation in whatever you eat. We should try to keep your menu diversified and let it include salmon, eggs, nuts, olive oil, green tea, green vegetables, and many other nutritional ingredients.

These essential nutrients are highly rich in all essential vitamins and even minerals that our body needs. At the same time, they are also considered powerful fat burners that will definitely help you to effectively lose weight.

We should not forget to add scents of citrus or peppermint in your food menu as they are able to reduce your appetite.


lazy weight loss hacks

Figure: Delicious food menu

Overeating is always bad but you should not stop eating. It is too bad! If you love cookies or chocolate bars, you can always have them, but you just have to reduce the quantity.

Let’s say, instead of eating three cookies, it is enough to have only one and it’s better if you have it in the morning. In this process, you will have time to burn all those extra calories during the rest of the day. Fair enough, right?

Strict prohibitions will only make you crave more those food items you have deprived yourself of eating and will also increase your stress level, hence a significant increase will occur in the bad hormones, which will absolutely not help you shed weight.

So, now you can easily understand that moderation is your key and not prohibition!


Figure: Laugh is the best medicine

From the research, ( International Journal of Obesity) expose that laughing will lead to an increase in the energy expenditure by almost 20 percent. Similarly, you will have the chance to take some work on your abdominal muscle without actually involving with any physical effort.

Life is too short, so you need to avoid stress as much as you can and laugh to lose more weight!  Turn your favorite comedy on and start exercising now!


lazy weight loss hacks

Figure: We should use a hot compress

Do you like to lose weight while watching a TV show or reading your favorite book? then, start using hot compresses now. The latter can heat your selected body section and make you sweat.

Now So, you should target any place in your body that you want to reduce its size and make it slimmer very quickly by placing on it hot compresses. The most exciting ones are salt and ginger ones!

Last few words| Lazy weight loss hacks

HealthnCures will provide basic health tips on a regular basis. Please don’t forget to comment down below and share with us lazy weight loss hacks that helped you!

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