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Advertisement With Us

Over the years we have gained some trust and we try building health consciousness among the
general people. We aim to make people happy. We do this matter seriously and it is one of our
social work. So, if you are interested to do some promotion then you can directly connect with us
through mail info@healthncures.com. Let’s talk about our advertisement policy.

Banner Advertisement

You can directly put your advertisement into our website banner. Here it could be an image. You
can link up the feature photo with your targeted content or link. Our banner advertisement cost is
reasonable. So if you are a new company and like to spread out your business then it could be a
great option for you. To know the details about price, image size and content quality please mail
us at admin@healthncures.com & we will reply in a short period.

In the Middle of the Blog Content

If you like to place the advertisement in the middle of the content then contact our panel. It is the
most profitable advertisement I believe. In that case, people have no chance to neglect it. In that
case, we will charge you a bit more.

In the footer

We will accept an advertisement in the footer section of our site. The price is more or less the
same as the banner. Price will depend on the content, product quality and how much time it will
stay at our web site. Do you have any queries? Feel free to communicate us via email.