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Top 12 Diabetes Tips that You should know


Top 12 Diabetes Tips that You should know

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Over the last few months, I have received thousands of mail to give the most effective diabetes health tips for the patients. I have done some research and hopefully, this article will help you to learn something new. Let me give you the top 12 Diabetes tips that might help you to lead a healthy and balanced life if you are suffering from Diabetes for a longer period.

1. Don’t diets make a healthy food choice

healthy food | diabetes tips

Diabetes patients tend to make some diet and get rid of their problem. This is certainly a bad idea. You need to test blood sugar level regularly and sum up a decision that what food would be helpful for you. Make an appropriate and balanced diet chart by the help of a professional nutritionist. It will help you to lose weight in a short period at the same time you can control the Diabetes. A proper healthy diet chart will help you to reduce the bad impacts of Diabetes on your body. Keep a word in your mind that you must have to be physically fit to pursue any kind of daily life activities.

2. Talk with your doctor about insulin

Insulin is a mandatory issue for diabetes patients. You need to check it regularly and keep your doctor updated about the recent condition. It will certainly help you to be fit and run a smooth life. Do not be late to take insulin. It will create some major consequences.

3. Keep a log

You need to maintain a self log for insulin. You mustn’t miss anything. Keep a small handbook with you and take note of your daily exercise, food habit & insulin details. Trust me it will change your life.

4. You need to stay hydrated

You need to drink water before, after and during the time of daily exercise. This tip will help you reduce the risk of dehydration very quickly. It will also reduce the possibility of heatstroke.

5. Identify Yourself

You can wear a medical identification tag and it could be a bracelet. Use it when you will go for outdoor work. So if you have ever experienced the symptoms of hypoglycemia it might help you to give emergency information.

6. Warm-up and cool down

The ADA is recommending us to warm up within 5-10 minutes by an aerobic activity (walking, cycling, swimming, etc). The same procedure you may follow for the cool down. It could be the almost same time) 5-10) minutes. This process will help you to return in the same position as pre-exercise levels.

7. Dress appropriately

Try to wear a comfortable dress which you can carry easily. A simple dress will also help you to go for exercise. It will never create pressure on you.

8. Breathe Normally

Take a deep breath and just relax. Keep yourself fit as much as you can. Just try to lead a normal life. If you are over conscious then it will also create a burden in your life.

9. Eat a well-balanced diet

A diabetes patient should avoid junk food at the same time he or she can take some vegetable salad or well-balanced diet. A balanced diet means a combination of everything. It could be some protein, minerals &fat. Let me give you some examples of your food menu

  1. Broccoli
  2. cucumber
  3. Squash
  4. Lean meat
  5. Beans
  6. Green salad
  7. carrot
  8. Tomato etc.

Keep these items in your regular meal. I believe it will help you to stay fit always.

10. Save some breath

When you will go for exercise, try to focus on these specific tasks. You need to be more accurate about what you are doing. Do not waste your time in phone conversation then.

11. Consult with a doctor after a certain period

All the diabetes patients need to consult with a specialist after a certain period. Though you are thinking that your physical fitness is perfect but it is recommended to consult with a doctor after 3 months at least.

12. Be positive  

We should always be positive in whatever situation that we are facing. Negative thinking will destroy your physical fitness & you cannot do anything properly. This is a brutal truth. A diabetes patient should be positive.

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Final few words | Diabetes tips

I firmly believe these tips will help you a lot to lead a happy and healthy life. Stay with HealthnCures and read our regular health tips. Be positive and think positive.

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