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Facial massage tips at home

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Facial massage tips at home

facial massage tips at home

Facial massages will increase the circulation to your facial tissue, which is resulting in brighter and younger-looking skin. It will help you to lift and firm the skin, reducing the wrinkles. A good facial massage will reduce stress, at the same time, it will make him peaceful and relaxed. Sometimes eating adequate amounts of fruits will help you make your skin glowing. Let’s discuss some popular facial massage tips at home which will help you to make your skin tone better than the previous time.

Let me answer some popular questions regarding facial massage

Is it really good to massage your face?

We have a common tendency to go for a facial massage. It is comfortable and sometimes we feel sleepy. By taking a simple facial massage we can take some relax. At the same time sometimes it increases circulation to our facial tissue. As a result, we can have youthful-looking skin. It stimulates the skin and muscle, as a result, the blood and lymph moving in the face to make a bright and even skin tone. Normally it feels really good and we can take it once in a single week.

How many times should I massage my face?

You can do it almost every day when you have some leisure time. One should not wait for the massage therapist he can take care of his own.

Which oil is best for facial massage?

  1. If you have dry skin you can choose argan or almond oil.
  2. If you have found that the skin is oily the go for jojoba or blend jojoba or castor oil.
  3. Are you concerned about using oil on your skin? Please use your favorite moisturizer.   
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Face Brightening massage

It is really important to complete the face washing routine before starting the massage. You need to clean the face by using a cleanser or oil. Rinse it with lukewarm water after that pat your face dry with a towel.

Apply a light layer of face oil

If you use a bit of oil it will help your fingers to move smoothly across your face. It also leaves your face bright and glowing when you will go through with this massage. Choose the oil according to your skin tone. The most effective oils are almond argan; jojoba and it won’t block your pores.

Start massaging your lymph area

We believe that toxins drain from face to the lymph nodes. It is located under your ears and the sides of your neck. If you do massage this area thoroughly it will help you to release toxins and prevent them from building up on the face.

  1. You can use wide circles, sweeping from the ears, down toward the throat and up to the jawline.
  2. It should be a firm touch. Do not massage too much hard. Naturally, the facial massage is very much different from the deep tissue massage. The reason is the skin of our face is the way to sensitive than others.

Now you need to massage the sides of your face

You need to follow the same process massage the sides of your jaw. After that, do this process past the corners of your mouth beside the nostrils and over the cheekbones. Push your skin up and down. You need to continue it for at least one minute.

Massage your forehead

It is really important for any kind of facial massage. Forehead massaging will give you the most satisfying relaxation. You need to massage both sides of the forehead at the same time. It should travel from the corner to the mid of the forehead. Continue this process for at least one minute.

Eye area

Figure: Eye Massage

Sometimes you might think that it is not necessary but it is certainly necessary. At first, position your fingers at the arch of your brows and then slowly swap around the outside corners of your eyes. You need to continue this process along the sides of your nose and the brow lines. Repeat it for at least one minute.

  1. Massaging your eye area helps combat puffy eyes. It will make your skin more beautiful and youthful-looking.
  2. You can use some extra oil for precaution.

You need to finish the steps by doing it once more

After completing eye massage do the same process from first to last once again. Continue it two or three times.

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Final few words | Facial massage tips at home

It is certainly the best facial massage tips at home. As the skin is our sensitive body part you should be extra careful. Read our daily health tips and let us know your important feedback. Thanks a lot for being with us.

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