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Do you have a medical team to verify this content?

Yes, off curse. We have a large team of health writers and them working from different corners of the world. Our medical team will verify that content. So, you do not have to worry about our content quality. It is authentic and we try to help our readers in the best possible way.

Do you prescribe any doctor or health diagnosis center?

No. We do not prescribe any doctor or any health diagnosis center. We just write health blog to increase health awareness among the general people.

How can we contact with you?

You can contact with us directly by sending an email like info@healthncures.com. or help@healthncures.com .

Can I contact with your medical team?

Yes, you can contact with our medical team by our LinkedIn account or directly with an email.

Which types of health content do you regularly provide?

We provide varieties types of health content like Diabetes, Natural Healing Remedies, Healthy Life style, etc.

What is your advertisement policy?

Our website contains some advertisement in the banner or within the article. In many cases, it contains advertisement from Click bank or Amazon. We are not responsible for the product quality. Amazon or Click Bank will take it.

How can I make advertisement in your site?

Well, in that case you can directly mail us at info@healthncures.com . Our editorial team will look after that. If your advertisement will match our terms and conditions we can publish it to our site.