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Natural healing remedies for pain & inflammation

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Natural healing remedies for pain & inflammation


We know that natural supplements are not the same as chemically manufactured drugs. Basically, they are made of natural ingredients that are familiar with less toxic and less harmful to the body. Sometimes even a low dose can make a side effect for the patient. It can cause damage to the kidney, liver or digestive tract.

When you will take it for a longer period of time then the pharmaceutical meds can cause serious organ damage. Now you should love to know why? The reason is the special drugs for pain and inflammations are powerful and it gives fast relief of symptoms. It could be good for short-term use but over a long period of time, this is harmful. Our body just can’t metabolize these drugs adequately to prevent them from new a side effect which is not good for health.

On the contrary, natural remedies are made from the origin of nature. It includes twigs, roots, vines, vitamins and a lot. We can consider them as a purely natural substance and they are really good for health.  In this article, we will describe the top-rated natural healing products and remedies. How you will get benefited through natural healing? Let’s go for a short description.

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It is a powerful anti-inflammatory food and more effective than drugs like ibuprofen for pain relief.  We have got this news from a study published in the journal arthritis in 2013. The study has told us that Tylenol or Advil will block the formation of inflammatory compounds. In that case, Ginger will do the same and also has antioxidant effects which will certainly breakdown the existing inflammation and acidity in the fluid within the joints.


It has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties according to Doctor Oz. Turmeric will prevent blood clotting and improve circulation. Its active ingredient curcumin is fully responsible for lowering the levels of two enzymes in the human body that might cause inflammation.

Valerian root

It will help to relieve from tension, irritability, anxiety, and stress. By reducing the nerve sensitivity valerian root will alleviate the feeling of pain. You can drink a cup of valerian tea could be a smart option for pain relief.

Cat’s claw

Its scientific name is Uncaria Tomentosa. Basically, it is a plant and the primary interest for using is medicine. The medicine is made from the root and bark. Cat’s claw is famous for containing an anti-inflammatory agent which will help in blocking the production of hormone prostaglandin that will contribute to inflammation and pain in the body.


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Basically, it is an active component in chili papers. We called it chili paper extract with analgesic properties.  It is a neuropeptide releasing agent which is selectively for primary sensory peripheral neurons. It is a very good topical remedy that reduces muscle, joint pain, and nerve by stopping the chemicals which are renowned as substance p from transmitting pain signals to the brain. We can receive it from the market by cream or gel form. It can be applied three or four times daily.

White willow bark

It contains salicin which is familiar with a chemical known as aspirin. By adding herbs anti-inflammatory plant compounds it is thought to be responsible for pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effects of the herb.

 Boswellia Serrata

It is known as the traditional Indian Ayurvedic remedy for inflammatory conditions. This medicine is extracted from the gums of the Indian Boswellia tree. It has been used for centuries to treat joint pain and inflammation.  This medicine will provide anti-inflammatory in the areas where there is chronic inflammation. From the research, we get that the acid contains with Boswellia extract stop the formation of immune cells which is known as leukotrienes.  It is responsible for inflammation. Then it allows blood to flow unobstructed to the joints for healing mobility.

Citrus Bioflavonoids

We can refer to it as vitamin P.  It enhances the absorption of vitamin C and acts as precious antioxidants. Flavonoids also inhibit collagenase and elastase. Now, the enzymes are mostly responsible for the breakdown is one of the connective tissue. Flavonoids reinforce the basic structure of collagen at the same time it will improve the integrity of connective tissue which will protect against the free radical damage.  It’s a great natural remedy for inflammation and pain.

Fish oil/ Omega-3 Fatty acids

Naturally, from the cold water fish, we get Omega 3 Fatty acids. These fatty acids are derived from cod, trout, salmon, and others. From the research of Cardiff University in Great Britain, we got that cod liver oil will relieve pain at the same time it stops and even reverses the damage caused by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

When we will go for treating the condition for arthritis foundation it will be a good idea to use “fish oil capsules with at least 30 percent EPA/ DHA, the current ingredients. For rheumatoid arthritis, it will go up to 2.6 grams of fish oil (1.6 grams EPA) twice a day.”

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Ionic Minerals

We know that the human body is like a miracle of electrical impulses that always keep it functioning which will make our life possible. Ionic minerals are mandatory parts of this process. Our body relies on them and conducts electrical impulses. Another important thing that you need to know that, without the correct balance of ionic minerals in the body our brain and muscles will not function properly at the same time cells would not properly absorb nutrients.

Let’s have a look at a few ionic minerals

  1. Boron

It will help to metabolize calcium and Magnesium which is critical for healthy membrane function.

  1. Copper

Essential for healthy functions of proteins and enzymes and will help in the absorption of Iron.

  1. Iron

It is obvious for transport oxygen to the cells in our body

  1. Zinc

It will help you to boost white blood cell production in our immune system.

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Final Few words | Natural healing remedies

I believe natural medicines are always the best. They have very limited side effects on the other hand allopathic medicine has a lot of side effects for long time use. It may cause serious damage to your major organs.  This article will certainly help you to know about natural healing remedies for inflammation and pain. If you like it please shares with your friends. Thanks a lot for being with us. Wish you the best of luck. Have a healthy life!

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