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Natural Ways to Prevent Dementia

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Natural Ways to Prevent Dementia


Dementia is not a disease rather a term used to describe a combination of multiple symptoms that lead to memory loss and impact its performance of daily activities and communication abilities. However, Alzheimer is a disease that remains just as one form of the of several forms of dementia! Let’s discuss about natural ways to prevent dementia.

Dementia is a monster that threatens your life and that of your loved ones. Therefore, many experts tried to conduct many dementia types of research to figure out both treatment and prevention.


natural ways to prevent dementia

Figure: Regular exercise is necessary

Are you an active person? Do you exercise often? If your answer is yes then make sure that you have in an indirect way reduced the risks of getting dementia in the future. According to a published study in the Annals of Internal Medicine, higher levels of cardiovascular fitness during middle age may help reduce the risks of getting dementia later on.

In another study, scientists traced the treadmill routine practices of more than 19,000 healthy middle-aged man and come out with the conclusion that those who were performing more optimally had the lowest risks of developing dementia.

The latter conclusion comes to prove the previous research that exercising or fitness, in general, is the key to a healthy mind and body. It’s important to note that some bad habits like smoking and psychological issues like depression in addition to weight gain were found to be associated with factors that lead to dementia.

What are you waiting for, put those trainers on and hit the gym!


natural ways to prevent dementia

Figure: Eat some delicious food

Are you looking for some suggestions regarding natural ways to prevent dementia? Delicious foods are the best items here. Food plays an important role in you’re well being as well as your overall health. According to some researchers, healthy nutrition or diet can greatly affect your brain. This way, a diet rich in vitamins, essential minerals, and valuable nutrient will certainly make a difference.

For instance, consuming fruits, vegetable, lean protein, and also healthy fats can boost your brain performance and provide it with all the necessary nutrients to reduce any kind of inflammation and provide a power source for your mind.

These are some healthy dietary choices that many studies and researches prove to be useful for the brain :

– A Mediterranean diet which mostly consists of omega-3-rich fish, nuts, whole grains, and olive oil.

– A rainbow of fruits and vegetables that considered to be high antioxidants.

– Green tea is just perfect for memory.

– Avoid saturated fats that are commonly found in fried, processed, and packaged foods, as well as red meat and full-fat dairy.

– Coffee and turmeric, and especially caffeine and curcumin, are found to effectively help in Alzheimer’s prevention.

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natural ways to prevent dementia

Figure: Learn something new

Many studies expose that people who regularly challenging their brains and keeping them active are the least to develop Alzheimer later on in the future.

To stimulate your mind you can, for instance, learn something new through varied activities such as multitasking, interacting, communicating, and many more. Here are some tips on how to reduce the risks of getting dementia and sharpen your memory and enhance its performance :

– Learn a new foreign language. It’s really fun!
– Learn how to play on a musical instrument that you love and enchant your ears!
– Read, read, and read!
– Challenge yourself with memorization games.
– Play more healthy games such as crossword puzzles.


Get Some Quality Sleep| Natural Ways to prevent dementia

Quality sleep

Figure: Quality sleeping is necessary

Getting enough rest is really important for the health of your brain. In fact, according to the Global Council on Brain health, sleeping less than 7 or eight hours a day can lead to many serious health issues, among which is dementia and Alzheimer too. You might be asking yourselves now how could this be even possible?

Well, not sleeping enough means not giving enough time for your nocturnal cleaning system to work. The latter system which is also referred to as the lymphatic system removes proteins That are called amyloid beta that can turn into the plaques that contribute to Alzheimer’s and dementia.

So, the myth that says that adults should sleep less as they age should be debunked now! Sleep enough and give your body and brain enough time to rest.

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network building

Figure: You need to avoid any kind of stress and build networking

Stress is your biggest enemy. It is one of the main factors that lead to dementia and Alzheimer in addition to being responsible for many other diseases. Try to avoid stress and if it’s quite impossible to try your hardest to at least control it.

Surround yourself with the people you love and stay away from those who spoil your mood. Try to network and socialize, make new friends, and live happy to stay healthy!

Here are some tips to help you minimize stress as much as possible and at the same time maximize social interaction:

– Practice Meditation, relax, do more of a yoga.
– Volunteer or join a club.
– Join a new class where you can improve your hobby.
– meet with friends weekly.
– Explore your neighborhood, meet your neighbors and why not invite them for a cup of coffee.

Final few words on Natural ways to prevent dementia

I hope, by reading this article you have learned a lot about natural ways to prevent dementia. We publish regular health blogs. HealthnCures is fully determined to help you by providing regular health tips. Stay with us and have a good day!!

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