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Interesting Winter Exercise Ideas that will boost your exercise routine

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Interesting Winter Exercise Ideas that will boost your exercise routine

winter exercise ideas

Baby, it is deep cold outside! But do not let the deep freeze to stop you from getting outside or being active in your daily work. If you are sincere about your winter dress and take proper protection in your hands, ears, and legs I believe it will never hurt you. Easily you can lead a normal life in a terrible cold. Let’s discuss some interesting winter exercise ideas. Stay with us and read the article carefully. HealthnCures is providing regular health tips for you. So stay connected with us and subscribes to our newsletters.

Let’s discuss some interesting questions regarding winter exercise.

How do you exercise in winter without going to the gym?| Winter exercise ideas

Some people get tensed about this topic like how do they continue their exercise in the extreme cold. Well, let me give you some interesting ideas regarding these topics.

  1. Indoor sports are the best solution to this question. Easily you can try some funny games within the home like touch and run with the kids.
  2. Running and walking up and down in the stairs could be a fun game. It will burn some fat as well.
  3. Home workouts could be interesting winter exercise ideas. Try different types of regular works in your home by not taking any help from your family members.
  4. Dancing will be interesting as well as the perfect idea for winter exercise. Try a different form of dance within the home. It could be the source of entertainment and exercise at the same time.  

How do you exercise in cold weather?

  1. Warm-up your muscles carefully
  2. Check out the weather forecast
  3. You need to watch out the snow and icy sidewalks
  4. You need to wear several layers of losing clothing
  5. Now start exercising and burn some fat

Ice skating

Ice skating is the perfect exercise for the winter especially if you are living in Europe or Canada. Besides skiing, how fast and how long you skate will decide how many calories you could burn in a certain amount of time. From the research, we have seen that a 150-pound person can burn up to 240 calories in just 30 minutes. I believe it is one of the fastest ways to burn fat. The major advantage of Ice skating over ice skiing is not so much costly. So, you can easily manage it and costing is not so much high.


It is another level of entertainment as well as the fat-burning method in the heavy winter season. It is considered as a great winter fitness activity that offers a total body. The major benefit of snowshoeing is it will strengthen your leg muscles while getting your heart pumping and oxygen getting to your lungs. On average, a 150-pound person can burn 270 calories within only 30 minutes by practicing it.

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Playing with the snow

winter exercise ideas
Figure: Playing with the snow

It is snowing, the kids are out of school and you do not have to go for work. So, what will you do? Just chill! Go to a party. Make the most of it by playing in the snow. It will be a family party and all the members can enjoy it! You can easily burn 200 to 400 calories within an hour. There are some popular activities that you can try like build a fort, go for an old fashioned snowball fight, etc.

Snow Tubing

Figure: Snow Tubing

It is a very simple game but could be interesting. The main advantage of snow tubing is you do not need any regular skills like snowshoeing or ice skating. Just experiment it in an open place. It could be a great hangout with your families. Everyone in your family can go for it together no matter how tall or short they are. For a 150 pound person, the calorie burn will be 200 to 300 for 30 minutes. It is depending on how much time you go up and down a hill.

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Walking and Running

It is a very common physical exercise that we can do thorough throughout the year. Does not matter whether it is summer or cold in the early morning you can go for a walk. If you’re walking speed is 3 miles per hour then burn 112 calories within a half hour. I believe it is the easiest way to burn your fat. From all over the world people do jogging in the morning and evening.

Ice Hockey

winter exercise ideas
Figure: Playing ice hockey

Now, let me give exciting news of winter exercise yes it is Ice hockey. It is tremendously popular among the young generation like (16-32) ages people. So, if you are a school or college going kid in the winter season it will be the best opportunity for you to make some exercise and play with your classmates. Ice hockey is amazingly popular among western countries. To learn more about winter exercise you can read winter health tips.

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